salmon & milk tea

Almon Marina Monday c:

Roast Chicken & Fillet Minion Steak! Super pigout since Paul was sooo hungry. I guess when you accompany your girl on her window shopping ventures, hunger gets the best of you haha! He is so adowable everytime he suggests dresses that he thinks I might like haha! 

Those are my

“OHHH Foood!!!” face

“OKAY LET’S EAT!” face

and my “I’m so fat. :c” face

respectively. :))

P.S. Paul’s been telling me that I have been slacking off on blog posts lately even though we’ve eaten out twice already this week and his wallet went on bankrupt. The reason for this is because I am lazy haha! and I’m  trying to be productive on “other things” in which case I am currently failing to do so haha c: I am somehow feeling that procrastination is gonna kick my butt soon. @_@

  1. chelseabandong said: Play at Timezone after some walk, it’s a great deal to burn atleast 5% of the calories you’ve consumed. That’s what my bestbud and I always do. HAHAHAHAHA.
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