salmon & milk tea

Iron Man movie date with Paul and my sisters.

Paul treated us to the movies and pizza. I’m starting to feel like he’s my sugar daddy now haha but he told me “nagpapalakas" lang daw siya kay mama. We didn’t have pictures taken of ourselves because they were not in the mood haha. I guess we were all just very excited to go watch the movie already. While waiting for the movie, I could not resist taking a photo of the Krusty Krab menu down at the Spongebob exhibit. I spotted a cute baby too! Then, we got a bit late in line but it’s okay since we were just in time for sunset.

Iron Man 3 is both awesome and jaw dropping. Miss Pepper Potts never fails to save Tony’s butt in the end as she always does. :)) All the cinemas were showing Iron Man 3! It is that good! I personally, could not wait for Avengers 2! It was definitely an awesome Sunday with Paul and family. ^^.

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