salmon & milk tea

Last week in photos of food.

  • Maki by Paul. I’m so blessed to have a boyfriend who can make anything out of rice, nori, crab sticks and Japanese mayo! c:
  • Moonleaf wintermelon milk tea ( my favorite comfort food / drink ever since! He’s been spoiling me with milk tea every week now :”> He studies while I watch Percy Jackson and The Wedding Singer. I am so lazy -_-
  • We had lunch and Kimchi at Pobi Korean Restaurant last Wednesday. The place had doodles of customers and students from the University Belt area. The food was good especially kimchi! :3 We were so stuffed that Paul had to take a nap on the supposedly study time that afternoon. 

Without school, we have the liberty of pigging out everyday now. I’m not sure if that is a good thing though haha!

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