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Eat Fresh Hong Kong Street Food

After my hospital incident, Paul and I started thinking of having a healthier lifestyle. I admit we do eat on so many occasions and having to share and discover new food places together is one of the things we love most. There are a lot of things I have to stop myself from munching and I need to have more fruits and veggies in my system. 

Tuesday night was the night before my 22nd birthday. We got off on the road a bit late. Paul thought it best to have dinner out that night and so we went in a little restaurant in Banawe which serves Hong Kong style street food. They serve fresh fruit shakes, hot and cold tea, spiced soups and home cooked Chinese dishes.

Since I could not longer process red meat for the time being, Paul got me Chicken with Mushroom and he got himself Spareribs. While waiting for our dinner, we looked around the place and saw that there were some delicious looking stews cooking on top of their coal stoves. For drinks, Paul got me papaya shake and he got himself iced tea. It has been a while since I last had anything papaya. It was sooo good! I almost forgot that papaya makes me poop right away @_@ The chicken was not bland at all. Paul kept on telling me that I need not add soy sauce and chili because it was very flavorful by itself already but I did anyway haha! They serve rice meals on clay pots that’s why the rice is steaming hot when served. From their fridge I also saw some foreign juice packs and from the counter they also offer teabags with different tea leaves. The place is definitely a haven for health junkies. We have not even been able to leave the place yet and Paul is already thinking of getting stew on our next visit.

Paul was very thoughtful throughout the evening. For every dish we got, he thought first if it is good or bad for me. I am so lucky, I am so happy and I could not have loved food any better than I do now.

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